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Nidana is an ancient word in Sanskrit which means: cause, occasion, and motivation.

We aim to symbiotically merge ancient knowledge with modern technology in order to accurately detect the root causes of sub-optimal health and apply the Nidana Method to reverse those unwanted conditions. What better occasion then NOW to begin empowering more people to heal themselves and take responsibility for their health. Providing insight and guidance to motivate one another to reach our goals to be healthy, happy, and free.

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Nidana NLS Health Analyzer

State of the art 4D torsion scan technology capable of detecting and targeting parasites, microorganisms, pathologies, and root causes of dysfunction or disease. Accurate, non-invasive, and available for use by everyone. Perfect to start your own business, add to an existing practice, or for self care. We provide training and ongoing support.

Welcome to a new era in energetic medicine. The Nidana NLS Health Analyzer has revolutionized our understanding of health. 


Nidana NLS

Next level in non-linear system technologies

This clinical-grade bioresonance tool is able to inspect and analyze the health of an individual by generating electromagnetic pulses of known frequencies.

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