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Nidana Wellness Retreats

Nidana Wellness is offering healing retreats complete with the Nidana Method approach to reverse sub-optimal health conditions. This intesive retreat is complete with education and powerful therapies proven to be effective at healing 90% of diseases known to man. Our clients will be equiped with the knowledge and tools to continue their healing journey once returning home and/or to share the Nidana Method with others.

Nauyaca waterfalls

Southern Zone of Costa Rica

Retreat location options

Our retreats our located in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

nestled in the jungle near the sea of this spectacular region. We have a few options to choose from regarding your Villa location. Each retreat is an intensive and intimate experience as we prefer to only work with a maximum of 4 clients per retreat.

Diagnostics and Therapy

Nidana Method

The cornerstone of our approach is founded on the proper utilization of the Nidana Optimizer. This tool allows us and our clients insight into to the root causes of sub-optimal health conditions and provides an option for therapy to begin clearing, detoxing, supporting, and balancing the systems, organs, glands, tissues, and cells throughout the body. 

Analyzing Scans
Online Cooking Class

Nidana Method

Unique protocols

Our approach symbiotically blends ancient and modern technology to reverse sub-optimal health conditions. Each clients is educated and encouraged to comprehend how their current ill health has developed and how to formulate a clear path to reach their goals for better health, happiness, and freedom.

What to expect

14 day stay
28 day intensive

Here is a list of therapies offered, but not limited to: Bioresonance Diagnostics, Rife Therapy, I.V. Therapies, Clinical Massage, Medical Bio-magnet Therapy, Bio-oxidative therapies, Ozone therapy, Nature exploration, yoga, meditation, organic cold pressed juices, bowel management, detox, family constellation, and much more. Join us today to learn, laugh, and live!

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