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Very grateful to have crossed paths with Seth and get my own Nidana scan done. The information found out has been beyond helpful! It really gave me a chance to look at things inside and remedy stuff that needed to be addressed but no other tests ever showed. So glad I did this for the family too - we are way more empowered with our health.


Extremely real honest and down to earth advice and consultations. Nidana diagnostics show very clearly any issues that need to be looked at. I myself had a Nidana diagnostic session and correlated the results with doctors that confirmed what was shown. Treatment protocols are extremely effective, truly a very modern effective approach to wellness.   


This technology is incredible. You can safely and effectively find out how to heal and detox your system. Not only does the Nidana device let you know what is in your system that needs looked at, but they also offer practical and strategized therapies and protocols to deal with any health issues that may come up. I would highly recommend that everyone goes at least once to get a Nidana diagnostic and begin with the therapies involved!    RYAN MCKENNA

Super recommedado, la forma de trabajar muy professional, el equipo de primera calidad, resultados 100% exactos.  


Highly recommend. The diagnostic was accurate with detecting issues I was experiencing at the time. The treatment protocols were able to rid me of a cough I had for years, and now I'm experiencing higher energy levels.   JAIRO WHITE

Had a super in depth and informative Nidana session with Krisia and Seth! Krisia is very sweet and went out of her way to comb through my results and find various food and chemical allergens to avoid which have been keeping my body inflamed. Found not only underlying issues, but solutions to help my body recover. Definitely recommend booking a session! 


(Translated by Google) My experience with Nidana was quite satisfactory. Very accurate diagnosis and excellent care. I really recommend it.

(Original) Mi experiencia con Biorez fue bastante satisfactoria. El diagnóstico muy acertado y una atención excelente. Realmente lo recomiendo.  ISABEL CHACON

"I have had the opportunity to have some work done from Nidana Wellness and will continue to do so for many reasons. On first meeting, the Nidana Meta machine, which I describe as a bioresonance feedback machine. My understanding is it uses energy frequencies throughout my body and translates it into a computer program. I was having some issues with my eyes, they were extremely blood shot red and itchy. After my diagnostic it confirmed I was exposed to mold in my neighbors house, yikes! If you want a device which provides information as to your state of health don’t hesitate to contact this business".


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